Is Boeing 777 safe?

Boeing 777

Is the Boeing 777 aricraft safe?

In the last week, accident investigators determined the piece of wreckage found on shore in Saint-Andre, Reunion Island, was part of a Boeing 777 aircraft, which may belong to the missing Malaysia Airline Flight MH370. While this unexpected news brings up the hope finding the ultimate reason of this mysterious air crash, it also brings out the question to us again - How safe Boeing 777, as the most famous aircraft type in the world could be? In the past year, Boeing 777 had two world-awakening flight accidents which caused hundreds of people lost their lives. One of which, the missing MH370, has became the recent world’s greatest aviation mystery. We have no idea how and where this Boeing 777 disappeared in the Indian Ocean. However, even after these two deadly accidents, Boeing 777’s aviation record is still among the best in aviation history.

13 Flight Accidents of Boeing 777

In Safe Flights‘ database,ever since Boeing 777 entered service in June 1995, there have been 13 accidents of Boeing 777, 5 of them have led to the total destruction of the aircraft, and MH370 is the only one of this type has vanished over the sea.

The first Boeing 777 hull loss was a British Airways jet on January 17, 2008 which landed 1,000 feet short of the runway. The fuel-oil heat exchanger of its engines are clogged by ice crystals in the fuel.

The second hull loss was in July 2011 when an Egypt Air jet caught fire at Cairo international Airport. The electrical fault or short circuit in oxygen system was the reason caused the fire.

The third was in July 2013 when a Boeing 777 of Asiana Airways crashed at San Francisco International Airport. Its landing gear and tail struck the seawall of San Francisco Bay.

The last two were MH370 and MH17. MH17 was shot down over the Russian Ukrainian border in July 2014.

Safest Wide-body Commercial Airliner

A screenshot from the 2012 Boeing Annual Summary of Commercial Jet Airplane Accidents.

According to a chart published by Boeing in its airline accidents report, Boeing 777 was the safest wide-body commercial airliner in longtime service before any fatal accident. It only has 0.29 total hull loss per million departures. Today’s 777 operators still enjoy a 99.3 percent dispatch reliability rate, which Boeing calls “the highest amongst all twin-aisle airplanes in service today.”

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