Turbulence on Hainan Airlines leads to 30 Chinese Injuries

HU7148 Photo: Thepaper.cn

On Aug 11th, A flight of Hainan Airlines, HU7148, a Airbus A330-200, encountered severe turbulence during the flight from Chengdu airport to Beijing, China, the plane was jolted twice and descending through about 4200 meters, The crew continued for a safe landing in Beijing about 17 minutes later, but the incident still caused total 30 Chinese passengers and crew members injured.

Terrifying Experience

Damaged Cabin Photo: Weibo

“It was the strongest shaking I have ever had in my life. I see people behind me having their heads knocked. The blood and sobs really scared me “, One passenger posted on weibo.

“I was thrown upwards and hit the ceiling before I had the time to fasten my seatbelt”, another passenger wrote.

Some injuries, surprisingly, are simply from the reason that people not belted into their seats! They were lifted off and impacted the ceiling of the aircraft before coming down again, like the passengers wrote above.

Keep Your Seat Belt Fastened

Turbulence is the leading cause of injuries to airline passengers and flight attendants in non-fatal plane accidents according to FAA website. The turbulence that HU7148 experienced was an in-flight turbulence, which happens very often.

Today, even the best airplane can not 100% detect clear-air turbulence, especially mountain wave turbulence, which is formed by specific air flows around the mountains. So keep in mind to keep your seat belts fastened during the flight! You will never know what will happen in next second.

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