Delta Difference


It takes Delta 86 years to grow from a crop-dusting operation to a global airline serving more than 300 destinations on six continents. What makes this airline so special? We are intended to use a full article to analyze and summarize the good and the not-that-great factors of Delta as well as other airlines we are going to write about in the following articles , and hoping that this could really benefit you choosing the best and safest flight to your budget.

Our subject “Delta Difference” comes from one of the famous quotes of the founder Collett E. Woolman and it is famous for a lot of reasons.

Major Strengths:

  1. World’s largest airline in terms of fleet number and passengers carried, it also has an unbeatably extensive route network and frequencies especially within North America.
  2. Delta is the only U.S. carrier to offer personal, on demand entertainment at every seat on all long-haul, and international flights along with various other unqiue in-flight experiences.
  3. Ranked within Top 3 of all “Most punctual airline” listing.
  4. Delta stands high both on the Consumer Warning Network’s list and ABC News’s list for safety ranking: second and fifth, respectively.

“Largest” could be defined by so many ways, and we are not talking about the profits, numbers of the emolyees here. Delta is the largest by assets, market capitalization, fleet number and passengers carried, it operates more than 5,000 flights daily which connect to almost everywhere that you want to go, do you know that Delta even has an exclusive airport only runs their own planes near the yellowstone?

Delta is incredibly innovative on boosting passengers’ experiences, in every way. To start with, its app is the best among all other airlines, you can not only buy tickets, select seats, add extra services, check-in through the app, but also use the bar code instead of printed tickets to board which is a big time-saver. There are countless features that Delta came up with just to suprise us, such as in-flight free wifi (which is popular in other airlines now but was orginally offered by Delta first, and Delta still has more planes with wifi than all other competitors), leather seats!! (My and everyone’s favourite part!), generally bigger leg room specially in coach cabin (this comes with bigger airplanes which Delta has been agressively updating to), the personal, on demand entertainment on long-haul or international flights as we mentioned above (and Safe flights just dscovered that you can use other devices to play all the movies once you connect to the wifi, can I love you more Delta? ). And one thing we have to mention here, its safety video! Each safety video that Delta released always went viral on the internet, check out our blog and find out why :-) Click here
This video alone is enough to prove how much heart that Delta has put in just to make us smile.

When it comes to safety, according to our Safe Flights Database, Delta only has 58 aviation accidents throughout the history, it boasts only 0.17 fatalities per million miles traveled which is low, very low…

People are complaining:

  1. Delta charges for the second checked bag.
  2. Delta miles can be hard to use.

That’s it, two short lists of compaints and they are straight forward so we won’t extend them, We sorted through the internet, there really aren’t many major weakness mentioned about this airline, and it seems that comparing to the strengths, the above complaints are not really the obstacles keep people from flying with it at all.

As long as we want to throw dagger at Delta, but to be realistic, it truly is a solid operation, and constantly changing to the market, to the better service and higher customer satisfaction. With all those unconventional stratgies taken and been in action, we have reasons to believe Delta is a quality choice.

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