Top 5 Worst Airlines of 2015

Air travel is not always great, sometime it can be a miserable experience, especially when you pick a wrong airline. Imagine you spend 10 hours sitting on a small and uncomfortable seat, eating terrible food and having an unpleasant service, you must be wishing this flight could end in the next second.

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Don’t let a bad airline to ruin your travel experience.

Here is a list of the worst airlines in the world that you want to keep away from. We ranked the top 5 worst airlines in the world, based on Skytrax Global Airline Ratings. Most of these airlines received a very poor 2 star rating, which results from the reputations for delays and rude service.

5. RyanAir

This airline is infamous for “ultra-low-cost”. They achieved the phrase “you get what you pay for” to the ultimate. Their seats do not recline! It is too painful when you sit here for a long air travel. They also sell scratch cards, overpriced concessions, bright advertisements on cabin interior.

4. Spirit Airline

Spirit Airlines is quite similar to RyanAir. They don’t provide reclinable seat. But they do provide poor customer experience and cabin cleanliness. They also have their own notorious policy, charging passengers for carry-on luggage! The staff’s attitude of handling of delays or cancellations is quite a big problem.

3. EasyJet

Even though it is one of the most popular budget airlines in the market. They are also famous for disorganised service, overbooked flights and terrible boarding. Flying easyJet can often be challenging and stressful.

2. Pegasus Airlines

Pegasus Airlines is a low-cost airline and is the second largest airline in Turkey. Pegasus operates only 1 flight class on their aircraft with no in-flight entertainment or meals. The rating of standard of customer support service, handling delays/cancellations, in-flight entertainment and staff language skills are all below 2 stars.

1. Air Koryo

Air Koryo is the world’s only one-star carrier owned by North Korea. And in March 2006, due to safety and maintenance concerns, Air koryo was banned from flying into the European Union. In March 2010, the airline was allowed to resume operations but only with their TU-204s aircraft.

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