5 airline safety tips can help you survive an airplane crash

Do you tune out as soon as you get on the plane or it’s about to land? That’s probably not a good idea, according to research on when most accidents happen. The “plus three, minus eight” rule can help you stay alert when you fly.

In ABC News, Ben Sherwood says that 80 percent of all plane crashes happen within the first three minutes of takeoff or in the eight minutes before landing.

So how can passengers use that knowledge? Well, flying is statistically one of the safest ways to travel. But for your own safety, it’s still a good idea to be alert, leave your shoes on and leave the reading etc. for a time after those first three minutes or after the last eight. It’s also another reason to not drink too much alcohol during the flight.

Here are five tips for flight safety

1. Sit Close To The Exit Door

One researcher told ABC that survivors move an average of five rows before they safely exit a burning plane. Getting out fast is crucial.

2. Don’t Choose The First 11 Rows

If a plane nose-dives, the first rows are likely to be hit the most. A British documentary showed the first 11 rows (first class) were ripped away when a test plane made a nose-dive into the desert. Everyone else had a 78% chance of survival.

3. Watch Pre-Flight Safety Videos

“Up to 30 percent of the deaths in plane crashes are preventable if passengers know what to do”, according to experts, Ben Sherwood. It is important for you to watch the safty videos carefully, and think about what you’ll do in case of an emergency. You can make a difference in saving your life in a plane crash.

4. Brace Upon Impact

It increases your likelihood of surviving. If you sit upright, you can be hit by debris. Keep your hands stacked over the other to protect at least one hand so you can unbuckle your seatbelt later.

5. Choose A Safer Airline

The definition of a safe airline majorly consists of - Advanced airplane model, and solid company operation. Therefor airline’s accidents record will be the best reference for you. A safe airline like Qatar Airways, which only has 5 aviation accidents throughout the history( Link Aviation Accidents Records of Qatar ), means they manage their planes and services really well.

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